I Spent 50 Hours In An Art Store
I can't believe we locked ourselves in an art store for 50 hours straight
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    • Paul Constantine
      Paul Constantine

      I need it

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      dane tan

      Wishing for my very first apple product ❤️ More love and support from the Philippines! ❤️

    • Azlan Espinoza
      Azlan Espinoza

      I can't wait to see it I will be living there

    • Syn3

      Nice vid

    • Jair Ramirez
      Jair Ramirez

      @zhc 😁hope fully you chooses me so I can have good recording products for the James Stroud Classical guitar competition for next year. If not can I have a customized painted classical guitar. ? 🤣🤣hope fully it isn't a long shot


    I really see all your videos but I am from another country :( Sad moment

  • CaroL NEIL
    CaroL NEIL

    I love your channel

  • Ashika Tak
    Ashika Tak

    Teach me ur ways of art

  • Ashika Tak
    Ashika Tak

    In India it’s called mandi

  • Jhosuet Castro
    Jhosuet Castro

    I love you r videos it was so funny

  • riya waghela
    riya waghela

    Just kidding McKenzie is my favorite

  • Amin Lee
    Amin Lee

    mckenzie is sooooo cute!!

  • riya waghela
    riya waghela

    Jazz is my favorite I think she does a really good job and I think she did the best job in the 3-D pen video


    Is no one gonna tak about te fact that he is so nice, like he gave more than 8000 dollars away in the vida

  • •C_I_A_R_A•

    Mama: marry a rich man And I was like:mama I am that rich man ( • × • )

  • Mikkel1106

    Purple is a good color

  • shubhu

    This is easy the thing you love and your 50hr in it it's not bad

  • clever psycho
    clever psycho

    i was eating watching this viedo!!!!!!

  • baby queen ...
    baby queen ...


  • Jerene Bashia Fernandez
    Jerene Bashia Fernandez

    All of them are so talented. I've binged watch their videos for three days, trying to catch up with content.

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    jisan tammna


  • yarden fragman
    yarden fragman

    i folow and i am realy lovs your drawings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Maria Nerissa Diego
    Maria Nerissa Diego

    No 100,0000000

  • Nasruddin A Rahman
    Nasruddin A Rahman

    My favourite Colours are blue cyan and aquamarine

  • Adhira Virnodkar
    Adhira Virnodkar

    Give me a shout out

  • Gacha_AyaOfficial

    12:00 its a little bit funny i love ur vids!

  • Nanditha Vinodh
    Nanditha Vinodh

    Where does he get all these money!!! Omg!

  • Xx_Angel_The_Wolf _xX
    Xx_Angel_The_Wolf _xX

    -Yours can be bigger but mine is cheaper :(-

  • Aaru patel
    Aaru patel

    Loved it🔥🥺

  • HyperHamz


  • Triceratoptix

    How would it work if I win and I’m in Canada

  • Abhisek Saha
    Abhisek Saha

    ZHC I watch all of your videos and all are great

  • Gabby Hernandez
    Gabby Hernandez


  • Kayla Kaufman
    Kayla Kaufman

    Me after I buy 2 things at CVS: 14:35

  • Haydenn

    Yo are they drawing people that are backed

  • Loren Kaestner
    Loren Kaestner

    go ZHC

  • Gibeom Olasiman
    Gibeom Olasiman

    Hi , my first comment💚💜💙

  • Gibeom Olasiman
    Gibeom Olasiman

    Hi , my first comment💚💜💙o

  • Ic Bernarte
    Ic Bernarte

    ZHC: I always watch you🥺

  • Bridget Rawlinson
    Bridget Rawlinson


  • Bridget Rawlinson
    Bridget Rawlinson

    Wait they made the key go somewhere so how did you get out cause they key gone

  • Kari Saddoris
    Kari Saddoris

    He should really have more than 1 million subs

    • Sanaya's Roblox World
      Sanaya's Roblox World

      Yea he has 22 million subs

  • Frisbee kid
    Frisbee kid

    Your awesome dude love videos

  • Rawan Khalil
    Rawan Khalil

    How are gane eat

  • ツ ?¿ M i k u l o v e s f r e n c h f r i e s !¡ ツ
    ツ ?¿ M i k u l o v e s f r e n c h f r i e s !¡ ツ

    NUUUUUUUU ITS THE "Scalimpics"

  • simplyykris

    ZHC: The scanning olympics! Me watching 2020 olympics

  • RGAMER rblx
    RGAMER rblx

    ZHC u should do 24 hours in a makeup store with everyone

  • Alix Chalk
    Alix Chalk

    I love this video it would be a dream to be in an art store for 55 hoirs

  • Kieran Warren
    Kieran Warren

    Damn I would love to be able to spend thousands of dollars on art supplies

  • Faded Complex
    Faded Complex

    Jake and jaz I ship them so hard

  • Ana Castaneda
    Ana Castaneda


  • Xman Hug
    Xman Hug

    That's a big banana -Michelle- 2021

  • A Tetra Named Tony
    A Tetra Named Tony


    • EZ_exoticmatterG


  • jake jerson j Diaz
    jake jerson j Diaz

    Hi! ZHC I'm from Philippines🇵🇭 I saw my 6yrs. old son watching ur videos. and it catch my attention. Now Im addicted watching ur videos. Hoping I can have a customized Laptop from your team😍😍😍 Its so cool and amazing. I've been teaching for 3 years in a private school but I can't afford to buy my own laptop.

  • kittykiller2000 death
    kittykiller2000 death

    I guys should sheed 50 hours in an amument park

  • kittykiller2000 death
    kittykiller2000 death

    I love how you guys are all diffrent colors lol yall sus

  • Anna Brone
    Anna Brone

    hey so i am sbscribed and i will really like a shoutout bc i really like what you guys are doing and i just whant to say keep doing what you guys are doing^_^.

  • lheandra Cabahug
    lheandra Cabahug

    I want to become like you

  • lheandra Cabahug
    lheandra Cabahug

    Oh my god ,, your so cool


    Best artist i have known in my life i want to be an artist too thanks for inspiring me

  • 11glc01lee

    I followed you on all my yt chenalls you make me to be a artist I love your videos

  • 큐르_kyuru and nyuru
    큐르_kyuru and nyuru

    50 h -> 15m

  • ploop

    The art is so cool

  • Milky cloud
    Milky cloud

    you are the best

  • henry

    nobody talking about 6:59

  • Giezle Maranan
    Giezle Maranan


  • Afrin Shahna
    Afrin Shahna

    i zack , I am personally your biggest fan . I am just 13 yr old kid... but I dream to become as famous and kind as you are . You are my inspiration . All the best for more and more videos .... me and my family will surely support you dear ..,. Keep one going ....

  • Kenneth Easley
    Kenneth Easley

    I've been following you for awhile now like a while now like over 9 years

  • YOYO Girl
    YOYO Girl

    Hey I am from India🇮🇳 I am the biggest fan of you man

  • Sparkle with Rainbow Reese
    Sparkle with Rainbow Reese

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    Gunveer_ Gamer

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    Teal Bunny

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    Crystal Jade Mariquina

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  • Hayhaycookie5 Cookie5
    Hayhaycookie5 Cookie5

    Are you ever going to do something with Kuzza kid again I’m just saying that because it would be interesting if you did like a next level of show you how to draw

  • S.AlAli Family
    S.AlAli Family


  • S.AlAli Family
    S.AlAli Family


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    Karol Poloncarz

    I subed i I like the way your better than mr beast

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    midnight gacha

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  • cookiewolf6969

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    Lillemor olsson


  • Lillemor olsson
    Lillemor olsson


  • Clemy Canales
    Clemy Canales

    i want the space one!! btw you amazing✨✨✨

  • Galuska Galuska
    Galuska Galuska


  • ꧁Hilary꧂

    did someone realize the painting it was a galaxy puppy

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  • Rita Cesnik
    Rita Cesnik

    Zach: Here's the Las Second of the 50 Hours!!!!!!! Everyone:YEEEE YAYYYYY me: wait-... 50 Hours!? Hows the video That Short then!?

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    Emelia Baker

    Who else just sits down and watches all there vids and are like yes I want to be artist this is where I got my career from

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    Jorge Castro

    Zhc Ve Hector

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    SAM & NICA Gadia

  • Not Mia
    Not Mia

    4:45 nooo way i saw a tiktok in the same art store omggg Zack!!!!!!!!!11

  • piña colada queen
    piña colada queen

    Screaming and yelling is obnoxious.

  • GameOver

    So.. we won’t acknowledge the fact that he is wearing a MrBeast shirt

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    The Dream EEfect

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