I Spent 50 Hours Locked In An Art Store
I can't believe we locked ourselves in an art store for 50 hours straight
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      Nice vid

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      Jair Ramirez

      @zhc 😁hope fully you chooses me so I can have good recording products for the James Stroud Classical guitar competition for next year. If not can I have a customized painted classical guitar. ? 🤣🤣hope fully it isn't a long shot

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      I sub

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      ZHC really be flexing in his videos nowaday while I cry in broke

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    Alexandra Leão

    whats your dog breed?

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    Nikhil Bommera

    ZHC doing his thing ❤️

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    Omgggg ilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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    You’re such a kind person

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    Zhc your are the BEST

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    If you will not not give me some thing I'll unsubscrivve you

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    I like you

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    I watch all of your videos !! They’re so cool ! ❤️❤️

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    I luv ur vids XD ur painting is gud Love it ofc !

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    Jennifer Gonzalez

    Can you check out SIMJI shorts she makes rugs and she made 2 of em for u she a LTwhiter

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    Omg your videos are so funny 🤣

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    Love your vids


    What happened to Leo?

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    Kubak Wanal

    I think zhc is so generous but I think he spent a million dollars 💵 🤔

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    Imagine having this much money ☝🏽🥲

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    Aya Reyes

    Im your humber one fan from phillipines

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    So inspiring

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    Hope you all are saved if not give your life to Christ and have a blessed and nice day

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    Can i work for you it sounds fun

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    jashandeep kaur

    A vali vidio dak rhe a

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    Piggy Games

    ZHC Your'e content are great ✨

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    Shelby Morgan

    I love your vids and the artistic people (not including myself)

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    nice vid

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    Kamolthip Hannirojrum

    I wish I COULD just walk by and get whatever I want being an artist makes me poor

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    Lamech Rojas

    I wish I had a friend like you

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    Dam!! I love this dudes vids!

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    Octavio Cobos

    1:34 I think you sound different...

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    Busog, Cherina Marie Quizon


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    Octavio Cobos

    You could do a painting kahoot and whoever wins gets a reward.

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    Lamech Rojas

    I just subscribe to your channel because your generous and kind. I just really want to join but I don't have money I'm just a student I'm 11 years old

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    You dont giveaways

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    I wish I really get to meet you guys in real life but I live all the way down in new Gretna

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    Mr beast twin

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    Shady MBJ V2

    Hey, i love ur vids! i have been a fan of urs ever since u began LTwhite!!! :) :D

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    Amethyst Arden Maneja

    can you do spidersona pls

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    Revathi Venkat

    Zhc pls check simji shorts she made 2 rugs for you

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    Critical Weapon

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  • Critical Weapon
    Critical Weapon

    Can give me copik markers

  • Curt I’m not social btw
    Curt I’m not social btw

    When the got the receipt I thought: hmm I thought they were at the art store not cvs

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    Aashray Nair

    Dude you are the best 👍💯

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    try denis

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    elijah ungriano

    6:05: 25 Hours Remaining Me: Great Job! Zach In 6:14: We Are 24 Hours In Me: No You Meant 25 Hours 6:17: 26 Hours Remaining Me: Whoa.

  • Humaira Safi
    Humaira Safi

    Make part 2 please!!!

  • elijah ungriano
    elijah ungriano

    I Met ZHC Just Yesterday He Told Me He Plans On Uploading A $10,000 Paper Origami Challenge


    I live in nigeria and you know how our conditions are.and i am a gamer 'ANV boys' so it will really help my youtube channel. Anyway you rock

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    Naël Denayrouse

    Now spent 50 Hours on college and customise it. Ure vidéo i's to cool.

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    Hello zhc I’m literally your biggest fan and I’m really struggling right now my parents can’t afford a MacBook for me which is what we need for in school assessments and i would be super duper great full if you responded it would also kick of my LTwhite and twitch channels love from Your Biggest Fan Ps I love all that you do and admire how much you help people.

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    lil_vanny Playzz

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