I Surprised Someone In Need With A Custom House
we literally gave away a house to someone in this video!
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  • ZHC

    I took some inspiration from my good friend MrBeast so I gave away a house and lots more lol Subscribe if you want to be in my future videos to win stuff :)

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      Jannine Dublin

      How i wish i have also talent in drawing 😇

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      Alexi Bayliss

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      This warms my heart ❤️

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    Becky Mattison

    5:53 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    nimi rao

    This is so nice of you GOD bless you all.

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    Harshith N

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    unicorn gaming

    I want to ask a Q do you have pets

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    Kirsty Wilkinson

    I can’t believe you gave all of those things away it was so nice of you to do that

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    adventures of ru nao

    The rich Santa that buys instead of make blue is the rich color for him-😫😳

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    Rekha Dev

    How do u get that much money??

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    Summer Belle Smith

    I just noticed I'm watching this 7 months later xx

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    -Drago Beardie-

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    Merlijn van Teeffelen

    P L E A S E I L O V E Y O U R V I D E O S B U T I A M D U T C H S O I N E V E R G E T I N O N E O F Y O U R G I V E A W A Y S😢😢😢😭😭😭😢😢😢

  • Bojidar Hristov
    Bojidar Hristov

    You are becoming the young mr.beast

  • Jane Gadamud
    Jane Gadamud

    Having to change people’s life in the middle of this Pandemic is a great thing to do. May God Bless you more so you can continue to bless others. Love from the Philippines 🇵🇭 😍😍😍😍😍 Merry Christmas Guys! Thank you for being amazing!

  • Miranda McVey
    Miranda McVey

    Let just appreciate how much money and time it took for this video

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    Harry Potter!

    Your soo sweet

  • The gymnast Twins TGT
    The gymnast Twins TGT

    I really hope to win MacBook because I am starting t school and need a MacBook soo I really hope to win one.. that would be unreal if I had won one so I am crossing my fingers..

  • shxxia guo
    shxxia guo

    awww I nearly cried when I saw the lady's reaction when you guys offered the house to her 😌.

  • ayushi gwari
    ayushi gwari

    it's awesome what u guys do!!!!.....U r not only true artists but true and pure human beings also!!!..loads of love from INDIA

  • Heavens

    moral of the story: be a editor

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    Arze Yehia

    Zhc is my fav LTwhiter❤️❤️❤️

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    Somaia Sadat

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    You guys do realize that the art doesn't match the houses vibe...

  • The stupidest Kid alive
    The stupidest Kid alive

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    I love all your vids and it’s my dream to meet y’all one day

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    Rishika Ghosh

    Oww you are soo sweet and always gave away things to your subscribers and random people. The work you are doing is really really great. Keep up ZHC. God Bless You All. I love you guys!

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    Gitte Pihl

    its 7 months ago but if you have some left i will like some Rip albert🥀 1998-2021🥀

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    Kallepu Swapna

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    Jhaycee Tudiño

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    Tia Singh(Student)

    The last giveaway was soooooooo wholesome 😭🥰😇🥺

  • Ur felllow Genshin player 😋
    Ur felllow Genshin player 😋

    Ik this is from a long time ago but I love ur channel ur so kind to people

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  • let him get it37
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