Anything You Customize, I'll Pay For Challenge
I literally paid for anything my friends customize and gave it away

Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the giveaway! Thanks for watching:)

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      I am subscribe but i am from norway❤️✌️😊

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      Fern Elf

      I want a poem for my friend Vanessa because I don't have very much money and they don't have enough money to afford a new on and all the stars are broken.

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      take me zhc

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    Ytb sweet

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    I love your videos

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    Can I pls have something plsss

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    Super video😍

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    You’re really talented I love your vids

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    Hey Michelle what is your boyfriends name

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    Give me shout out

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    hello big fan love u

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    You literally have a 0.00000000000001% chance of winning a giveaway 😭😭🥺🥺

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    ytb sweet

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    OMG you have a my hero Academia shirt

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    ★“The Y Zone”★

    aww so satisfying🥺🥺😭😭, i loveee itttt its verrryyyy cute and satisfying!!(Again)😭🥺

  • Rudrakshi Khaire
    Rudrakshi Khaire

    Me: Hey that tiny apple store looks c- **see's Gucci and Louis Vitton** I- Kylie: What are you doing? **looks at my tablet screen** Oh my ga-

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    Amelia Farve

    Can I have one

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    Me mogen

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    I am a s.i.m.p a super intense Minecraft player.

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    I love your videos

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    D V

    Love your video I wish I could draw like that

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    michelle gulmatico

    Wen its me im just going to put roblox things and all my dream things

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    Angel Sanchez

    I love zhc

  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel Sanchez

    I love zhc

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    Cole Gercke

    Can I please have the next giveaway I have never had a play station

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    You can't give me some and I can't have them were just poor and far away were in Philippines Davao city

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    I remember this was the first ZHC video i saw haha

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    We are going to have to do it okay

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    Hey can I get it

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    Better not tell me how much this cost

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    ZHC: i do pretty cute Also ZHC: Does a monster

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    What about me i already subscribe you ZHC

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    Wow I love your videos and I really hope to get AirPods some day

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    i want to bee an artest to bat may peynting is icci

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    i like leos disings

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    Katherin Funez

    Hi x I always wanted a computer but I want Michelle to draw it

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  • Rick Bishop
    Rick Bishop

    Your the best artist I’ve ever seen

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    Alannah Maravilla

    You know the shoes that leo customized the one from nike I think I have the same

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    Me: hi hiiiiiii omg can I have something oh Realizing that it was 1 month ago

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    Zach u need this more than some people too u should have some for urself

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    Laiba Zeeshan 6942

    I really want to be in this artists group because i really like art

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      refvy strong

      wew...its a new comment i dont expect that

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    Orang Minyak

    i want a ps4 plesaeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    I live in dubai

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    Ruby Rain's Rainbow Room

    Leo’s bye: 😑. Bye I guess

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    Bernadette jane C. Tuazon

    I almost cried when Michelle almost crying

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    Nurauni Husna

    Hai ZHC I from Malaysia , I love your video so much

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    Sara Gardner

    Leo must plenty☄️🌈🥀🌳☘️🌴🎍🍄🍁🐚🎋🌱🌿🪴🌵🎄🌲🪵🐲🌴🐉🌳☘️🍃

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    Itz nightwolf

    I subscribe too

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    Itz nightwolf

    Oh my gosh are you in an Rich or Rolaity family😆😆😆😆😆😆😐😐😐😆😆

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    Makenzie Richards

    I love your videos

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    Wow its sow cool 😊 Sanaall

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    Renzdermil vlog

    i always watch your videos po. i hope you can help me. from philippines. i love you guys

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    Maya Wells

    And One I Would like do a video with you

  • Maya Wells
    Maya Wells

    Hi Zach I love your videos but I need a new AirPods

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    sures manandhar

    you are the best painter

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    Matt Anderson

    Near you guys though

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    Zach can you please draw me a fire a pad

  • Nina Carlin
    Nina Carlin

    Zachary:* customise Apple products Me: he must have loads of charger Also me : I can’t get a charger 🔌

  • Lena Chraibi
    Lena Chraibi

    To be honest I like Michelle because she is so funny and loves pink just like me sorry Zach but don’t worry I like you too

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    Can I Try?

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    Jackson Anker

    Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!umm your cool

  • *❤️-Linus Chan-❤️*
    *❤️-Linus Chan-❤️*

    Im so sad. From here to ZHC to ZHC craft you don’t choose me ;-;.

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    Irma Kastås

    I wich i culd get a A new laptop my is broken but i am brok 😢😭 lol

  • Irma Kastås
    Irma Kastås

    I love you’r videos 💗❤️

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    Elizabeth Castillo

    If I draw from that good I would have no problem with art drawings🤣🤣

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    patricia ojigbani


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    Kirameki Kirin

    “They have a lot of money it’s making me jealous” This is me literally every time I watch one of these videos 😭

    • refvy strong
      refvy strong

      dont be like that.. make this be your quotes to be working more

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    I want one!!

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    Jasleen 😱🤙

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    I LAve you

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    Jaden Nolan Flores - GARNET

    zhc if I coztamezi something can you give it pls

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    Mini Kam 10

    There so lucky i have a samsung 7 😪

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    Alexa Ruvalcaba

    You can really see how Leo made Zach day

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    When you wish you had Zhc as your best friend- 😭😭😭💕


    Can I get shoutout pls it’s my dream!🥺😭

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    I love the part which is satisfying

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    I love micelles air pods

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    You made this video I day before my daughter birthday April 8

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    Vladimir Karpyuk

    Make something for jake paul

  • *Addie Moffett*
    *Addie Moffett*

    The fact that he has so much money to put a *fake store* in his *10 million dollar house* Me: I CAN BARELY EVEN BUY AN APPLE PENCIL

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    It's time 4 play

    Im subskriber.🖤

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    Amber Scott

    Does anybody know what pens they use? 😅🥲

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    Omg the AirPods were soooo cute

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  • Robloxqueen👑

    Yasss love ART

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