I Surprised Addison Rae With A Custom Car!
I surprised Addison Rae with her dream custom car!

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      I lava your videos Zack!!!

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      I love fruit especially dragon fruit I would love that car

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    What’s Leo’s accent! IS AWSOME!!!!!

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    Krystal Dittmann

    3070: I suprised Addison Rae with a customized universe!! lmao 😂👌

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    Your friends are so lucky to have you as a friend you are so kind

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    bro, it's just a jeep

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    CWC Fan

    I love how you make things for all these people! Plz paint a photo for me!!!

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    2050: Suprising Addison Rae with her own customised country

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    In 2040:we’re customizing a MANSION!!

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    I like this video nice and do something else for Addison rae

  • Celeb's Compilation
    Celeb's Compilation

    In 2050 ZHC will be painting the moon

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    Jaimee Livingstone

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    I think Leo is the only artist Zach knows that can come close to being on Zach's level of skill Like if you agree

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    Circuit stream1

    just imagine addison going for a road trip and her 1 tire getting punctured she will use the green tire 3 black 1 green lmao

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    Hi pls help my tiktok got banned pls I’m crying

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    I wish I could get a ps 4 from.zhc .....India Ap

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    The fake tears though 🤌

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    Diya Bhakta

    how many time addison rae said oh my gosh/god: 10

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    Kyla. U !

    The amount of time she says y’all it makes me want to cry

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    LOL Addison Rae always says ya''ll

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    Luna Altshuler

    ZHC in 2030 - Hi guys! Today I am making a cutsom plane!

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    Valtor paltor Larsson

    how can anybody dislike this guy


    Well it's gonna be big fun when her tyre got burst and than she is replacing it with watermelon 😂😂

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    Dark Storm

    Who else got hungry when he said fruit smoothie or when Michelle was making the smoothie

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    Word of the day "OMG"

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    هديل خلوف

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    I have a question when Leo ate the thing DID HE ACTUALLY EAT IT

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    Briesa Griffiths-Silva

    it would have been better with out here knowing cuz u techniley told her the hole thing

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    Ok it’s not a question but get married already!!

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    Zhc in 2050 today we will be customizing the moon

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    Omg adison im a Big fan my name is maddison my Dream car is a jeep

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    the fact its a jeep

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    kiri's waifu

    Watching this after july 30th be like: 👁👄👁

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    Imagine she uses the other wheel and drives with a fruit

  • itsPandazSFX

    I thought DREAMS CAR.

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    ella clinard

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    The number of time “ y’all” was used. 😂😂 I’m Australian so we never say this.

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    Londonivey Leslie

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    Hikari Gania

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