Custom Lamborghini Vs Tesla Race, Winner Keeps Car!
I can't believe we customized a Lamborghini and a Tesla then gave one away!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching:)

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      Zhc good art

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      @DREAMPOP Yes good great 👍

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      Ava Mills

      I am here in 2021 (February) I knew Brian was gonna win

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    AT - SFSS 967804 Larkspur PS

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    I just loved how FaZe rug is on the video cause hes my favorite youtuber and also ZHC

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    *mrbeast did this exact thing*

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    EST plays

    Drag race didnt use launch control normal 0-60 is slower Than launch 0-60 is 4 s?


    he got faze rugs car

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    Hi Im Jiemar!💓

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    this is literally almost exactly what me east did a while back

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    Your videos are sooooo amazing, you are such a caring person. I was only introduced to your channel this month, and now I am running out of videos to watch on all of the channels, such as ZHC Crafts, ZHC, ZHC Shorts and much more. You are such a nice person and it’s crazy how much money you spend on your subscribers, your like rewarding us for just subscribing, and I’m talk rewarding us with thousands of dollars and custom product, CUSTOM BY YOU!

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    Varinder Walia

    Bro how does the Lamborghini Huracan Evo feed the Tesla model three

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    Hot Cheetos are not spicy

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    YAYY it all went uphill form the basketball one 😂

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    Marcos Theodoropoulos

    Can you come to Australia so I can be in one of your videos

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    I want a Lamborghini!!!!!!!

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    Twin Beluga

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    Cyrille Garcia

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  • conepine

    whoever raised the suspension on that lamborghini needs to go to jail

  • Random Facts
    Random Facts

    This is a tesla and this is a Lamborghini My version this a a stick and this is a rock

  • Khaya's World 🌍
    Khaya's World 🌍

    So you were collabing with faze rug

  • Khaya's World 🌍
    Khaya's World 🌍

    I thought the Lambo was FaZe rugs car 🚗

  • pikachu star
    pikachu star

    It was rigged Elon made her win

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    Khanh Ngoc Ngoc Mai

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    Does rug still have his lambo

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    Magnus Mackay

    Magnus Mackay


    Hi... maybe it's not right to say, I needed a bike, which would be very useful if given as a gift🙏😔 I'm from Bangladesh


    sorry faze rug u will win another one ok :)

  • jesus rivas
    jesus rivas

    That's just a rwd huracan the most sold lambo ever but 12 year olds dont know this soo they watched with pleasure

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    this is the same as mr beast

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    Bella love fidgets

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    It is not fair because zake should be helping tube

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    The Sweaty BOIIS

    Reminds me of Mr beast Lambo Video Race except he gave them a Different Lamborghini not the New one But this one is a little Higher stakes just a little lol

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