I Spent 100 Hours Locked In My Art Room
This was insane
I Locked Myself In My Art Room For 100 Hours

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    Subscribe if you want me to give you one of the iPads or iPhones I customized in the video :) Choosing 5 winners on August 17th on my instagram! Also the place I spray painted was the balcony of my art room!

    • hobi's spriteu♡
      hobi's spriteu♡


    • Staystka12

      I want it but i am from czech republic 😔 but i speak also english

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      Kristyn Huffman

      We love you zhc!

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      Charlie Fourie

      Ok atleast it still has art room in it

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      Lev Pertsov

      Snakes are cute

  • Kailyn Floyd
    Kailyn Floyd

    so cool! i love these videos

  • Sophie Magiera
    Sophie Magiera

    Bro ur spray panting outside 🤨


    I like snakes to

  • Nadine Canarejo
    Nadine Canarejo

    I just noticed he could’ve used the items lol

  • Karolina Iwaniak
    Karolina Iwaniak

    When I see your drawings it just macks my face 😲

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    Oscar Catchpole

    Plz me

  • Jillian Mathews
    Jillian Mathews

    My bro brothers bearded dragon is also named rock because he sits there like a rock and he never moves🤣

  • star light
    star light

    *when artists/people who like art are forced after their will to do some art for someone , ~but they are especially kind and artistic person is too kind to accept~ and then they lock you up in a room* :

  • casendra john
    casendra john

    How is durian stinky when we have candles made of durian smell???

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    I am sub

  • lindseyeasterly


  • Merissa Derby
    Merissa Derby

    The way the megaphone beeped and changed his face made me laugh :>

  • Agnes Mok
    Agnes Mok

    Wow I love your art

  • Kamrul hussain
    Kamrul hussain

    I watched this video exactly 1 year later

  • amber korevaar
    amber korevaar

    i love ur videos so much and i love how you give away all these things i hope u never give up and i hope that u keep doing youtube for a long time

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    Pratyaksha R

    its been exactly 1 year today is august 4th 2021 and I am watching this lol

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    Ryan Ryanator

    i subed.

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    David Moran

    How you spraipint the ítems??

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    Abhinay Reddy Vlogs

    0:52 is that mr beast

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    Mimi Choo

    ZHC is the best!!! Am I right?!!!

  • tawashika

    The rain sounds were so loud 📢

  • Ecraft rightrock
    Ecraft rightrock

    "Lights camera action"

  • Gian Manalili
    Gian Manalili

    2:04 Look at ZHC’s face 😂

  • Celeste Ng Khi Yan
    Celeste Ng Khi Yan

    Ofc he say is stinky BC HE'S NOT ASIAN O.O

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    crafty kids

    for 3

  • crafty kids
    crafty kids

    it my b day on the 8th plz

  • Cheeky pastel
    Cheeky pastel

    I never no that there pastel yellow iOS I ask meh dad if I can get

  • Cheeky pastel
    Cheeky pastel

    In inda every won eats that fruit it's for being healthy but I don't like it

  • Isaac altamirano
    Isaac altamirano

    He went out when he was spraying the rc car

  • Simply Khxlynn
    Simply Khxlynn

    How would you do giveaways to the people that doesn’t have social media

  • Idalia Gómez
    Idalia Gómez

    Even your gf

  • Idalia Gómez
    Idalia Gómez

    I feel bad for you but your friends are super duper kind!

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    Angieplayz YT

    Fun fact: durian is the stinkiest fruit it’s just that it’s actually good :)

  • Tyler Zborovancik
    Tyler Zborovancik

    His face when the megaphone beeped 😹😹

  • Jacob Verchot
    Jacob Verchot

    they shpuldve known he wasnt afraid of snakes he owns multiple reptiles

  • Tom Gustafson
    Tom Gustafson

    Me please

  • Enthusiastic Gamer
    Enthusiastic Gamer

    When you were spray painting didn’t you leave the room?

  • star Carsyn
    star Carsyn

    Zack isn't even in there for some of that you can see him outside spray painting that's not staying in there staying in the room without side so cross the line and he's cheating so

  • Autumn Cheng
    Autumn Cheng

    5:08 just for me 😌

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    Mary Gallacher

    Fact: your watching this 1 year after it was posted

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    alejandra c:

    Omg its been a year!

  • calista mae
    calista mae

    I have a question you stepped out side then how are you still.... , I'm so confused

  • Mora Koba
    Mora Koba

    i am

  • AbdullahWasSpotted

    1 year! Cant believe it.

  • Natasha Knoke
    Natasha Knoke

    He had to go OUTSIDE to spray paint

    • Natasha Knoke
      Natasha Knoke

      Yup crazy

  • Aurelia

    coming from 2021 August 3

  • JudoFlowers

    Did anyone see michelles under arm- (9:56)

  • Diane T
    Diane T

    Did Zack just draw the dummy Gorgon from stranger things?!

  • RidRocks!

    His reaction to the megaphone beep was hilarious lol 😂

  • Naheed Anjum
    Naheed Anjum

    Ola sinki kogle estate ponja

  • What’s up It’s Allie
    What’s up It’s Allie

    wait- didn't he step out of the room to spray paint the RC car???

  • Blaine Deepfire
    Blaine Deepfire

    When you see him on the balcony. is that is art room ?

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    Owackett Wackett


  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera

    If somoene ruins My art i'll just say it whas for them

  • Sky Becotte
    Sky Becotte

    Is it just me or is the golden creature he made this look like the monster from stranger things

  • Gani

    100 years later: customising the Jupiter and surprising NASA

  • Gani

    Zach when you was spray painting the R.C car you left the room

  • I23

    I am here exactly 1 yr lasted since this was uploaded

  • Michael.

    2:05 this man can afford half an apple store but not youtube premium

  • Anoushey Lotia
    Anoushey Lotia

    is it just me who noticed Zack wasnt actually in his art room all the time... didn't he go outside to spray paint, and also he said that when everyone was gone he tried to get snacks, but from where? Im just kidding i love your art and I get so much inspo from you!

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    kyimyat htoo

    i subscribe

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    •moon••bubble tea••BUMP•

    Only Michelle keep checking on zhc

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    •moon••bubble tea••BUMP•

    Where is your turkey plush

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    Serah Mathews

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    Suhana Shishodia

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    Gretchen Hofmann

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    Gaming World

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    gaming with aves

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    Silvia Alvarez

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    NinjaVinnie 9

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  • Hiba Kashmir Wali
    Hiba Kashmir Wali

    I always watch your video and I really love it aNa I want to be a painter like you and I like it that you that you surprise people and I love it and I like your pet and I like your school panting and this panting and I always watch your video and I like to subscribe your chanel

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    Mak n Cheese

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    Arham memon

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    Alexandria Bloom

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  • • Anna •
    • Anna •

    zach: cant go out of this room also zach: goes outside

    • messarxse

      That’s his balcony in the art room he said in desc

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    Mark Dunford

    Zhc in 50 years I bought the earth and customized it

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  • Mr Fin’s Gaming!
    Mr Fin’s Gaming!

    You basically went out of your art room because you had to spray paint the RC car.

  • Cedric Joaquin Tacadao
    Cedric Joaquin Tacadao

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    Nawshin Nawal

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    Nezuko Kamado

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